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80s Gravity (Cyberpunk / 124BPM)

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[ Royalty-free and YouTube safe ]
Use our music in your commercial game or video and every game or video you make after it. Use it on YouTube, in videos and trailers as customizable background music e.g. for sports, fitness, how to, educational, lifestyle, fashion, travel, documentary, podcast, vlog, presentation, life hacks, DIY, unboxing, technology, time lapse, tutorial etc. without fear of content ID claims.

[ All under one simple license ]

[ Soundtrack description ]
"80s Gravity" is a unique and immersive cyberpunk / synthwave soundtrack with 124BPM. The adaptive soundtrack is suitable as dynamic game level music, main menu music and background music in many video projects or your trailer. To customize the royalty-free adaptive music soundtrack to your game scene or video, the package also contains the single tracks. You can rearrange the soundtrack according to your own ideas and requirements. The song in this pack offers much more flexibility than ordinary soundtracks. The ready-made mix are also included.

[ Vertical layering and horizontal re-sequencing ]
The soundtracks and single tracks we developed are a free and modular construction kit. You can simply use the single tracks directly to create an adaptive experience in your video games. With fade-ins and fade-outs it is possible to adjust the music adaptively according to the principle of vertical layering. But our soundtracks also allow another possibility for editing. This further possibility is horizontal re-sequencing. This means that you can create your own sequences and loops with the single tracks that perfectly match your video game. Like a mood, a different game level mode or goals achieved. Our goal is to offer the full range of possibilities with the modular system. With any digital audio workstation you are able to create all kinds of intros, loops, transitions and outros suitable for your project. Of course you can use the audio files you create in this way in all tools that specialize in the integration of adaptive music soundtracks. All soundtracks are tested in various situations like smartphones, tablets, headphones, pc and tv speakers, caraudio-systems and professional mixed to have a good sound in all of them.

[ Package contains ]
Full song:
00 80s Gravity Soundtrack.wav
00 80s Gravity Soundtrack.mp3

[ Optional ]
Single tracks:
01 Bassdrum.wav
02 Snare.wav
02 Snare Roll.wav
03 Hihat.wav
04 Pad A.wav
04 Pad B.wav
04 Pad C.wav
05 Bass A.wav
05 Bass B.wav
05 Bass C.wav
06 Chord A.wav
06 Chord B.wav
07 Lead A.wav
07 Lead C.wav
08 Trance C.wav
09 Old C.wav
09 Old Intro.wav

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Content ID
Stereo WAV/MP3
Bit depth
16 bit
Sample rate
44.1 kHz

80s Gravity (Cyberpunk / 124BPM)

0 ratings
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